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The man who kept his toenails for 12 years without cutting, had the ability to predict the weather “exceptional”

Mr. Ninh Van Thuc in Vietnam has encountered many problems in life because of his strange nails. However, just living with his hobby, Thuc was satisfied.

Mr. Ninh Van Thuc in Vietnam has encountered many problems in life because of his strange nails. However, just living with his hobby, Thuc was satisfied.


People used to criticize me

“There should have been a big toe on my left foot, but a few days ago, I was riding a sleeper bus to Da Lat and accidentally bumped it and broke it. I’ve been raising it for 9 years, what a pity”, Mr. Thuc said. .

Mr. Ninh Van Thuc (SN 1981) said that his hobby of growing long toenails started at the age of 19. “Every person has a different hobby. Some people like to grow their hair, some like to take care of their skin… However, I only like to grow fingernails and toenails. At first, I tried raising nails. But it’s too difficult. Also, I use my hands for daily activities, so I can’t maintain it for long. At the age of 19, I started to grow my toenails long.My record is 19cm long toenails, grown inside. within 12 years”, Mr. Real confided.

Anh Thu shared about his hobby

Thuc shared, the most difficult time was when he was in the army. Because according to the regulations of the nail army, toenails must be neatly trimmed. During this time, he had to wear shoes that were larger than his feet to cover his long nails. Besides, all walking activities must be much more careful.

The nails are quite thick and strong, which he cleans every day

“Initially, my family also advised me to cut my nails, the people around me also felt that I was ‘weird’ because of this strange hobby. However, I found that as long as I did not affect anyone, I did not do it. It’s okay to hurt anyone. Recently, I shared about my nails with a YouTube channel. People ‘cursed’ me a lot, saying that I’m weird, weird, having nails like that is unhygienic. Under public pressure, I had to switch to another phone number,” Thuc confided.

After curing his toenails for 19 cm, Thuc painted and carved his nails. Every day, he cleans his toenails with cotton swabs and tissues. Once, due to an unexpected incident, Thuc’s 19 cm long nail was broken. “I regretted it for a whole month. In the end, I decided to gild it and put it in a box to keep as a souvenir,” he said.

Toenails can predict the weather

Currently, Mr. Thuc is working as an interpreter for a foreign company. Due to the nature of his work, he has traveled to many countries in Asia. However, according to him, he has yet to find anyone with longer toenails than him.

“When I first met my wife, she also expressed surprise because of her long toenails. However, gradually, she also accepted and did not complain anymore. Besides external criticism, I also got quite a lot of compliments for this nail set, ” he said.

Currently, Mr. Thuc owns a 12cm long toenail. This is the nail he took care of for 9 years. In one incident, he discovered his toenails have the ability to change with the weather. Specifically, every time it is sunny, his toenails curl and twist. When it rains, the nails straighten out again.

According to Mr. Thuc, the weather forecast ability of the toenail is within 2 hours, and for the area he is in. “Many people ask me if I can guess the weather in Hanoi, I answered no. Because my nails only change with the weather, the temperature in the area where I am,” Mr. Thuc shared . shall.

Thuc’s 12cm long toenails

To demonstrate this special ability, Thuc provided PV with a video he captured when it was raining, his nails were straightened without any physical impact from the outside. It is estimated that the nails have straightened, about 3-4 cm longer.

Thuc said: “Recently, because I bumped into two dogs on the road, I broke a big toenail. I was sad for a whole week. To maintain this hobby, I had to wear sandals all the time. Kind The sandals that I wear must also be more spacious so as not to affect the toenails. In the near future, I will continue to raise the nail and maintain it.”

Before that, Mr. Ninh Van Thuc also participated in the Binh Duong Knights Team of Knight Nguyen Thanh Hai. It is known that Mr. Thuc also participated in catching thieves in the province.