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5 simple tips to “rescue” broken nails at home

The following 5 tips will help you get rid of the troubles when you accidentally damage your beautiful nails.

Broken nails should also be treated with the same care and care as a cut in the skin. You should first make sure to disinfect the wound, then you can apply some of the tips below to save your broken nail. 

Disinfection of broken nails

Even if your broken nail isn’t too deep or isn’t bleeding, you’ll still need to carefully clean and disinfect the area with alcohol-soaked cotton, hydrogen peroxide, or an antiseptic cream. 

This will help keep the broken nail from becoming infected and remove excess oil from the nail. Because if you are going to repaint your nails, this oil may prevent the paint from drying again. 

Use filter tea bags

Using tea bags is a quick and extremely simple way to help heal broken nails. With a used tea bag, after removing all of the tea grounds, wash and partially cut the back of the bag to fit your broken nail. Use glue and apply the peel of a tea bag over the broken nail or wrap it around your finger to protect the wound. Alternatively, you can also paint over the tea bag with nail polish to “disguise” the break.

Use nail powder products

If you are used to making your own nail powder and have ingredients available at home, this is also a way to quickly fix broken nails. Apply glue to the broken nail and dip the nail in the powder, then apply another coat of glue to fix it. Wait for the nails to dry and polish and you will have a nail like new and not show any broken. 

Moisturize your nails

Moisturizing is essential for healthy nails. To keep nails natural shine and not dry, you can use hand cream or even face or body cream and apply to nails twice a day, morning and evening. 

Nourishing and taking care of nails will also help nails be stronger, limiting breakage and brittleness. After using gels, acrylics or even regular nail polish, you should let your nails rest for at least a month between chemicals. 

Nail file

Broken nails can also signal that it’s time to trim them. Keep your nails short, don’t grow them too long because short nails are less likely to break. Also, invest in some specialized nail care tools like a glass nail file, as they won’t cause scratches on the nails like regular sanding files.