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Venomous Snake Swallows A Python Whole

The eastern brown snake of Australia is one of the most dangerous predators in the world. When a woman in Goodna, near Brisbane, who was hanging up washing found one on her patio, she was extremely starled.

According to Sally Hill, who along with her husband Norm owns the local N & S Snakecatcher professional snake removal business, a large eastern brown snake had attacked and bit a non- venomous carpet python. The eastern brown snake took a brief retreat after the initial engagement. The other snake returned and started consuming its meal entirely as the python slowly died from the potent venom. Sally Hill remarked that it was unusual to witness this, it was truly fantastic.

The Hills were promptly on the scene after the homeowner called them. The Hills gently led the eastern brown into a black snake bag so it could feel safer and finish its meal. They left it there for almost three hours, until the large python was entirely swallowed.

The Hills then transported the snake a few miles outside of town, to a wilderness region, where they released it. The snake returned to the woods looking healthy and did not regurgitate its enormous meal, indicating that it was not excessively agitated.

According to Hill, the entire encounter was highly uncommon because eastern browns aren’t typically known to eat carpet pythons. The more prevalent prey items for eastern browns include mice, rats, and birds. They are occasionally observed devouring smaller snakes or members of their own species.

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