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A series of male stars who paint their nails as brilliantly as sisters

Famous fathers like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp are not afraid to keep the “art” of their children attending the event.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Johnny Depp is said to be one of the first male stars to appear on the red carpet with carefully painted nails. Johnny Depp once explained that it was a work from his daughter and did not let his father erase it, so the actor kept it like that to attend the event.

Brad Pitt once appeared at an awards ceremony in 2015 with colorful nails. This set of nails also comes from Brad’s children, the actor also confessed that he likes to be cared for and played by his children.

‘Aquaman’ Jason Momoa also appeared in public with white painted nails.

Movie star Home Alone – Macaulay Culkin often chooses striking colors.

While still working with One Direction, Harry Styles has repeatedly expressed his interest in painting his pinky with different colors. Over time, the male singer gradually expressed his interest more strongly and is one of the male stars actively supporting the LGBT community. 

Chris Hemsworth once painted a single finger to launch the #PolishedMan movement with the goal of raising awareness about child abuse.

Responding to the campaign launched by his brother, Liam Hemsworth also chose a striking neon green to paint his index finger.

Zac Efron is also a member of the child protection movement. However, the actor not only painted a finger like his seniors, but also appeared with a colorful nail polish on his left hand.

The eldest son of the Beckham family – Brooklyn Beckham used to confidently go to the street with bright red nail polish.  

Marc Jacobs – the cult designer of the world fashion village is also not out of the game. All of his nails are color coordinated and meticulously cared for.